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Name:Danielle 'Dani' O'Connor
If you had told Dani that the a highly deadly virus would kill off 90% of the world population and that the survivors would either develop supernatural powers or go batshit insane she would have laughed at you. These days Dani had abandoned her girly ways in favor of survivor gear. She also has an astonishing Ability. She can sent and receive telepathic messages and mentally communicate with animals. Her loving and faithful dog Jack follows her everywhere.

When the Virus first struck, Dani lost her her roommate Callie and her boyfriend Camm to it. But at least her lifelong friend Zoe Cartwright is still alive, so is Zoe's older brother Jason. Without Jason and his mothering friend Chris, Dani would have not managed in the first few days after she survived the Virus. Jason rescued her from her house and gave her a purpose. Chris helped Dani keep her grief at bay.

However she had to leave. Psychotic Cece somehow managed to control a large portion of Jason's fellow solders and threatened Dani. She was either to leave and never come back or watch Jason and Chris die. Left with no choice, Dani obtained a wonderful horse, whom she called Wings and left for her hometown, hoping to reunite with her beloved Grams.

In the way she was visited in her dreams by a Dreamwalker who refused to give her a name, prompting Dani to nickname him MG, Mystery Guy. MG is helping Dani to hone her powers. While practicing Dani summoned a vast amount of furred and feathered creatures to her. "Great, I am an apocalyptic Disney princess. Zoe is going to laugh her ass off." She wryly commented, to Jack's and Wings' puzzlement.

What lies further for Dani and her nearest and dearest? Only time will tell.

Appearance: Red hair, green eyes, very petite.

Ability: The Virus left her with the Ability to communicate with animals and two way telepathy with people.

Skills: Dani studied Linguistics and speaks several foreign languages, Italian, Russian, Gaelic, Spanish and Latin. Is an excellent horse rider. Has decent knowledge of botany and herbal medicine. Recently she has become a fair shot with a handgun and learned some basic self defence.

Personality: Dani is friendly, passionate, selfless and brave. She has a quick temper and can be quite bossy. She also hates feeling helpless and useless. She is devoted to her loved ones and ready to risk herself for their sake. She is also clever and perceptive. From only a few clues she realized that the Virus was manufactured and that Jason's old military establishment had something to do with it. She is an excellent judge of character unless distracted by a handsome face.

Dani is from The Ending Series, and is the property of Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue. She appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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